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Now take a walk inside my head...



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So im back in school again, back to the east coast, back to new yorksey! Ive been in school for about a week now, taking five classes: Menu development, controlling cost and purchasing, restaurant law, nutrition, and intro to management. Theyre all management based classes and pretty interesting. I like restaurant law, our professor is this einstein looking dude from Harvard who has his own law firm in poughkeepsie, and talks faster than i can even understand, but he tells us funny jokes. Menu development is alright too, we have to come up with a restaurant, write a press release for it, and make a whole menu for it. Today we learned about all the different fonts, spacings, wordings, etc etc etc... and how every little detail can make more money for a restaurant or not make money at all and why.

The great thing about being back in new york is that i get to hang out with jeff till he graduates, on the weekends that is. Last weekend we saw Disturbia, which was a reallie good movie, and we went rollerblading at this place called "roller magic." It was reallie fun, it reminded me of being in 6th grade again when you go to the rollerskate parties. I was trying to turn around and go backwards but instead i ended up falling on my butt... We also went to the vanderbilt mansion and i would post pix, but it wasnt very pretty cus none of the trees had leaves yet, so u guys will just have to wait till summer i guess.


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