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Now take a walk inside my head...



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So i definitly had a fun night with my friends at my restaurant. Me, joe, and patty arrived first and waited for Lily, who got horribly lost in downtown for almost 2 hours... We got a reallie nice window seat with an awesome view of seattle. I encouraged everyone to try something new so that they could get the most out of this experience. We munched on croccotini crackers until Lily finally arrived. We started out with the welcoming hor de ouerve which was a cauliflower cream soup served in a sake cup garnished with fresh chives and bacon. The kitchen sent us out a free appetizer which was a lobster infused risotto ball that was breaded and fried garnished with a champagne vinaigrette microgreen salad and basil oil. For our apps, we got a pear hazelnut salad with an fresh pear vinaigrette, a crab cake appetizer with a carrot corriander butter sauce, and escargot cooked with whole garlic, lemon garlic butter, and a puff pastry. The kitchen also sent us out another complimentary chef's extra appetizer which was a pureed cauliflower cream served with lobster and infused oils. We also all got NON ALCOHOLIC cocktails: the power of seven, nay palm, tall cool one, and sage bellisimo, and passed them around so we could try each others. We all agreed that joe's was our least favorite. We were pretty full by the time we got our entrees, but they were still amazing. Me and lily got the duck plate with garlic kale, white beans, a champagne cranberry salad, with a cranberry red beet emulsion sauce. Joe got the lobster plate with a potato gratin, sauteed greens and seasonal vegetables served with a lemon brandy buerre blanc sauce. Patty got the Prawn plate with jasmine rice, sauteed greens, and a red chille butter garlic sauce. We also all shared a bowl of rissotto served with edamame and fresh pea greens, and a fresh pea puree. Lastly for dessert, me and joe got souffles with a creme anglaise sauce, patty got a chocolate lava cake with a chocolate twill cookie and a fresh berry sauce, and the pastry girls gave lily a free dessert which was a pineapple cream puff with freshly made pineapple ice cream and a fruit salsa. All in all, the experience was incredible. Joe and patty got a tour of the whole restaurant and joe even got a tour of the women's bathroom.The whole dinner itself would have costed around $500, but Canlis decided to treat me well and gave me 50% of the entire meal, not to mention two of the appetizers we recieved were complimentary from my co workers, so the bill only came to $125. And even then i used my gift car of $100 i recieved at christmas so joe, patty, and lily split the cost of $25, plus "extra" gratuity. 

I think one of the things that makes me happiest about this dinner was that my friends got to try new foods that they would have never tried before, and they exposed their palates to different tastes, and hopefully they'll be more open to trying new foods now. The only thing is that im concerned for joe because he couldnt tell a potato from a beet....
  • I finished my lobster tonight.. yummy

    I know what a fucking beet is, too!!!!

    Thank you again! I'm so proud of you
    • Hahahahaha!

      *Joe pokes his beet with the fork*
      "Theyre yukon golds guys!"

      lmao at you. :D
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