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February 27th, 2007

Arrgggg blargggg marggggg!!

Somebody please just fast forward these next couple weeks, i want next weekend to be here already!!

Jeff comes home in two weeks!

We get to hang out the whole weekend cus i actually get it off and we get to go home to vancouver/Portland and do lots of cool people things like go to cinetopia and eat at sunrise bagels!

February 19th, 2007

Long distance is horrible.

Well, so ends an incredible weekend as jeff flies back to new york this very minute. I swear, i envy couples that dont ever have to deal with long distances away from each other. The only term that i think matches appropriatly to the way i feel is, "ugh, this friggen sucks." And it does, alot. I mean, i just wanna be like a normal couple that can go get starbucks in the morning if they want, or spend the day watching television without having to worry about wasting precious moments or limited time! Its not fair i tell u!

February 14th, 2007

Happy Valentines Dayyyy!

Ahhh, the hallmark holiday... Makes for a very busy night at Canlis, and not so fun times because i have to work with slowww-broo co-worker Brena, which also means kaleena will be doing 75% of the prep list todayyyyy, ughhhhh...

February 11th, 2007

Mmm! I heart quesadillas!! :D

So its finally starting to get consistantly warmer outside, which makes for a reallie happy me. I decided that i think i have some sort of malfunction now with my body, because i am constantly freezing! Even indoors, im not content unless im reallie warm, and that means either covered with a blanket or having some sort of hot air blowing directly on me. My favorite place is like me in my car with the heater blasting. So im pretty sure that im cold blooded, and it sucks... All i want is to be normal!!!! GOSH! Its so unfair i tell ya!

Oh! Also, i am suffering from a serious case of gluttony here. Ive been such a chocolate craving monster lately! I basically pigged out on three chocolate bars today, all in one sitting and now i feel like butt. No reallie. Like butt. I dunno whose, but definitly butt.

Jeff arrives in four days! ITs been like over a monthhh, purely torture.

February 7th, 2007


I convinced jeff to get a lj todayyyy, muhahaha!

Im awesome basically, thats what this means.

January 31st, 2007


Also, my dad just bought a baby yorkie dog!! Its sooo cute, it weighs less than a pound and its teething so it likes to bite your fingers, its sooo adorable!

More and more!!

I <3 family guy!! Ive become so obsesses with this show, i bought seasons 1, 2, and 3 on dvd, and i rented the movie too. Wow. Im sucha loser...

January 16th, 2007

just another entry

Snow days are reallie sucking here in kent, it completely keeps me from getting to work! I had to stay home a couple days ago and i tried to make it to hollywood video before everything turned to ice that evening but as i was coming home, i had to make it up this little hill in the neighborhood and i thought i could make it but my tires completely lost traction and i slipped back down it. Ever since i am completely scared of driving on ice.

Jeff flew into seattle this weekend from new york, we saw the movie Children of Men, which personally i thought would be better than it turned out to be. I was dissapointed but he liked it apparently. Also, i discovered that i reallie like italian soda, i havent had one so we went to the coffee shop at barnes and noble and i got a raspberry one and now im like in love with them! lol.

Oh, and lastly. I havent reallie been keeping up with reading u guy's entries this past month, so i started to read through them today and breanna, i gotta hand it to u, more than one of ur entries made me crack up... escalaters.... subways shops.... lol. You are awesomus possomus! Hehehehe!

January 11th, 2007

Fun times with mr jenkins!

Whoo hoo for giant ice cream cakes!!!

January 7th, 2007

Wow. So ive gotten two tickets within this past week. All i can say is... wow, i suck. And now its like whenever im driving and i see a police car around me, i get so antsy and nervous.

Also, my back's killing me. That and the carpel tunnel in my hand. Im doomed for sure...
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