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Goodbye seattle.

Goodbye seattle.

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So yesterday was my last day at Canlis, its hard to believe that my externship is basically over already. We had a staff meeting yesterday in the kitchen and my chef made me give an "on the spot" speech... it was horrible... those on the spot speeches... agh! But then my chef made a little speech about how proud they were of me for accomplishing so much and making the most out of my expernship, and how much i improved and changed in these five months in the kitchen. It was really nice, a bit embarassing because i hate being on the spot and in attention though, but it meant alot to hear. They volunteered me to make the snack at the end of the night for the staff, the last snack i will ever make at canlis! Yummo for baked pasta! 

Then at the end of the night, the people on the hotline asked me to take out their mats and wash them, which i really didnt want to but it was the last time i would ever have to so i did. Unfortunatly, as soon as i stepped outside i got bomboarded by my co workers who attacked me with vinegar, oil, eggs, flour, lime juice, and fish sauce... the narliest smell i think ive ever smelled in my life. So i was soaked and disgusting, fish sauce literally smells like rotten fish carcasses, not to mention the vinegar and lime juice was a nice touch. So i thanked them for the gesture by running up and giving huge smelly wet hugs to everyone in the kitchen afterwards. Needless to say i just trashed all my clothes that night, my shoes and my pants were too tainted to take with me. Im really going to miss working at Canlis, but my chef and my sous chef told me that i was wecome to come back to work anytime after i graduate, which is also a really great window to have open in my career.

Jeff also came up on friday night. We made each other little easter baskets with goodies in them. I got him a hot pink one with a hot pink peep bunnie inside and a bunch of chocolate eggs. I really do think that i have the most amazing boyfiend ever. He made me dinner last night when i got home from work, and bought a slice of raspberry cheesecake and chocolate rum cake... yummo! We made our bittersweet goodbyes this morning, which werent as bitter as usual because i will see him next weekend when he picks me up from jfk in New York. Ahhh... New york. Anyways, so now i have the rest of this week to sit back and enjoy my time with my friends and family.
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