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Me, me, ME!!!

Me, me, ME!!!

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Geeze, its been awhile since i last posted. Theres always so much i wanna write about and tell u guys, most of it just never makes it on here tho, so lets see...

Last week jeff came up for his spring break. I had that weekend off and we drove back down to portland/vancouver, definitly fun times because i missed him so damn much. We said our sappy goodbyes on monday morning cus i had to drive back up to seattle for work that day, i was reallie sad even tho he was going to come up in a couple days. So i drove to canlis that morning from vancouver, all sleepy and what not. I put on my uniform, apron, gathered my tools and towels, and headed upstairs. I took a look at the schedule so that i would see what day that week i had off, and i was horrified to see that i didnt even work that day, i was reallie upset. I rarely get to spend time with jeff due to this whole long distance thing, so i got in my car and drove all the way back home. I know. Im lovesick... what can ya do. He drove up with me the next day and i must say that this week has probably been one of the best ever.

Canlis is going well, im bummed i have to go back to school next month cus im reallie enjoying my externship, and if i didnt have to go back, i would have gotten hired on. Boo.

Last sunday me and lily hit up seattle. She drove down to my house in kent, got lost of course, but eventually made it. We went to pacific place to see Dead Silence, the horror movie about the ventriliquist. It wasnt reallie scary, but for some reason the other night i kept thinking about it before i went to bed. I was thinking about this specific doll in the movie that was quite creepy... bleh. And i kept the lights on for awhile. Last week i also saw the movie 300, which i thought was friggen awesome! It may not have been realistic or completely factual, but i loved it anywho... who didnt?

Also, i reallie despise washing machines that dont reallie wash your clothes at all.

Also, i LOVE family guy!!!

I miss jeff right now. He is nice to me and buys me expensive orgasmic chocolates and listens to the silly songs i sing to him and humors my lame jokes. Me and him are one of a kind, i cant believe we found each other, because we almost didnt. Its funny how things like that happen yea?

Hmmmmbrghhh. Im sleepyyyy! :)
  • You're the best sweetie, I love you very much, that's why I do those things for you. I'm so glad I found you, I don't want to even think about going back to plain old boring Kaleena-free Jeff.
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