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June 15th, 2007



So ive been playing the new Zelda game Twilight princess for wiiiiiiiii, and im obsessed. I played it for 8 hours yesterday!!

June 1st, 2007



So this is just like the funniest thing ive seen in so long, it makes me laugh everytime i watch it, hahahahaha! 


May 22nd, 2007


I went to the Met museum last weekend. I always envisioned this picture to be small, but in reality it takes up a whole gigantic wall, it is enormous!

May 17th, 2007

(no subject)


Finals week is next week! Omg im so exciteddd!!! Agghhhhh!!!   -_-

Tomorrow me and jeff are goin to the big apple! I like apples.

April 26th, 2007



So im back in school again, back to the east coast, back to new yorksey! Ive been in school for about a week now, taking five classes: Menu development, controlling cost and purchasing, restaurant law, nutrition, and intro to management. Theyre all management based classes and pretty interesting. I like restaurant law, our professor is this einstein looking dude from Harvard who has his own law firm in poughkeepsie, and talks faster than i can even understand, but he tells us funny jokes. Menu development is alright too, we have to come up with a restaurant, write a press release for it, and make a whole menu for it. Today we learned about all the different fonts, spacings, wordings, etc etc etc... and how every little detail can make more money for a restaurant or not make money at all and why.

The great thing about being back in new york is that i get to hang out with jeff till he graduates, on the weekends that is. Last weekend we saw Disturbia, which was a reallie good movie, and we went rollerblading at this place called "roller magic." It was reallie fun, it reminded me of being in 6th grade again when you go to the rollerskate parties. I was trying to turn around and go backwards but instead i ended up falling on my butt... We also went to the vanderbilt mansion and i would post pix, but it wasnt very pretty cus none of the trees had leaves yet, so u guys will just have to wait till summer i guess.


April 8th, 2007

Goodbye seattle.

So yesterday was my last day at Canlis, its hard to believe that my externship is basically over already. We had a staff meeting yesterday in the kitchen and my chef made me give an "on the spot" speech... it was horrible... those on the spot speeches... agh! But then my chef made a little speech about how proud they were of me for accomplishing so much and making the most out of my expernship, and how much i improved and changed in these five months in the kitchen. It was really nice, a bit embarassing because i hate being on the spot and in attention though, but it meant alot to hear. They volunteered me to make the snack at the end of the night for the staff, the last snack i will ever make at canlis! Yummo for baked pasta! 

Then at the end of the night, the people on the hotline asked me to take out their mats and wash them, which i really didnt want to but it was the last time i would ever have to so i did. Unfortunatly, as soon as i stepped outside i got bomboarded by my co workers who attacked me with vinegar, oil, eggs, flour, lime juice, and fish sauce... the narliest smell i think ive ever smelled in my life. So i was soaked and disgusting, fish sauce literally smells like rotten fish carcasses, not to mention the vinegar and lime juice was a nice touch. So i thanked them for the gesture by running up and giving huge smelly wet hugs to everyone in the kitchen afterwards. Needless to say i just trashed all my clothes that night, my shoes and my pants were too tainted to take with me. Im really going to miss working at Canlis, but my chef and my sous chef told me that i was wecome to come back to work anytime after i graduate, which is also a really great window to have open in my career.

Jeff also came up on friday night. We made each other little easter baskets with goodies in them. I got him a hot pink one with a hot pink peep bunnie inside and a bunch of chocolate eggs. I really do think that i have the most amazing boyfiend ever. He made me dinner last night when i got home from work, and bought a slice of raspberry cheesecake and chocolate rum cake... yummo! We made our bittersweet goodbyes this morning, which werent as bitter as usual because i will see him next weekend when he picks me up from jfk in New York. Ahhh... New york. Anyways, so now i have the rest of this week to sit back and enjoy my time with my friends and family.

April 1st, 2007


So i definitly had a fun night with my friends at my restaurant. Me, joe, and patty arrived first and waited for Lily, who got horribly lost in downtown for almost 2 hours... We got a reallie nice window seat with an awesome view of seattle. I encouraged everyone to try something new so that they could get the most out of this experience. We munched on croccotini crackers until Lily finally arrived. We started out with the welcoming hor de ouerve which was a cauliflower cream soup served in a sake cup garnished with fresh chives and bacon. The kitchen sent us out a free appetizer which was a lobster infused risotto ball that was breaded and fried garnished with a champagne vinaigrette microgreen salad and basil oil. For our apps, we got a pear hazelnut salad with an fresh pear vinaigrette, a crab cake appetizer with a carrot corriander butter sauce, and escargot cooked with whole garlic, lemon garlic butter, and a puff pastry. The kitchen also sent us out another complimentary chef's extra appetizer which was a pureed cauliflower cream served with lobster and infused oils. We also all got NON ALCOHOLIC cocktails: the power of seven, nay palm, tall cool one, and sage bellisimo, and passed them around so we could try each others. We all agreed that joe's was our least favorite. We were pretty full by the time we got our entrees, but they were still amazing. Me and lily got the duck plate with garlic kale, white beans, a champagne cranberry salad, with a cranberry red beet emulsion sauce. Joe got the lobster plate with a potato gratin, sauteed greens and seasonal vegetables served with a lemon brandy buerre blanc sauce. Patty got the Prawn plate with jasmine rice, sauteed greens, and a red chille butter garlic sauce. We also all shared a bowl of rissotto served with edamame and fresh pea greens, and a fresh pea puree. Lastly for dessert, me and joe got souffles with a creme anglaise sauce, patty got a chocolate lava cake with a chocolate twill cookie and a fresh berry sauce, and the pastry girls gave lily a free dessert which was a pineapple cream puff with freshly made pineapple ice cream and a fruit salsa. All in all, the experience was incredible. Joe and patty got a tour of the whole restaurant and joe even got a tour of the women's bathroom.The whole dinner itself would have costed around $500, but Canlis decided to treat me well and gave me 50% of the entire meal, not to mention two of the appetizers we recieved were complimentary from my co workers, so the bill only came to $125. And even then i used my gift car of $100 i recieved at christmas so joe, patty, and lily split the cost of $25, plus "extra" gratuity. 

I think one of the things that makes me happiest about this dinner was that my friends got to try new foods that they would have never tried before, and they exposed their palates to different tastes, and hopefully they'll be more open to trying new foods now. The only thing is that im concerned for joe because he couldnt tell a potato from a beet....

March 21st, 2007

Me, me, ME!!!

Geeze, its been awhile since i last posted. Theres always so much i wanna write about and tell u guys, most of it just never makes it on here tho, so lets see...

Last week jeff came up for his spring break. I had that weekend off and we drove back down to portland/vancouver, definitly fun times because i missed him so damn much. We said our sappy goodbyes on monday morning cus i had to drive back up to seattle for work that day, i was reallie sad even tho he was going to come up in a couple days. So i drove to canlis that morning from vancouver, all sleepy and what not. I put on my uniform, apron, gathered my tools and towels, and headed upstairs. I took a look at the schedule so that i would see what day that week i had off, and i was horrified to see that i didnt even work that day, i was reallie upset. I rarely get to spend time with jeff due to this whole long distance thing, so i got in my car and drove all the way back home. I know. Im lovesick... what can ya do. He drove up with me the next day and i must say that this week has probably been one of the best ever.

Canlis is going well, im bummed i have to go back to school next month cus im reallie enjoying my externship, and if i didnt have to go back, i would have gotten hired on. Boo.

Last sunday me and lily hit up seattle. She drove down to my house in kent, got lost of course, but eventually made it. We went to pacific place to see Dead Silence, the horror movie about the ventriliquist. It wasnt reallie scary, but for some reason the other night i kept thinking about it before i went to bed. I was thinking about this specific doll in the movie that was quite creepy... bleh. And i kept the lights on for awhile. Last week i also saw the movie 300, which i thought was friggen awesome! It may not have been realistic or completely factual, but i loved it anywho... who didnt?

Also, i reallie despise washing machines that dont reallie wash your clothes at all.

Also, i LOVE family guy!!!

I miss jeff right now. He is nice to me and buys me expensive orgasmic chocolates and listens to the silly songs i sing to him and humors my lame jokes. Me and him are one of a kind, i cant believe we found each other, because we almost didnt. Its funny how things like that happen yea?

Hmmmmbrghhh. Im sleepyyyy! :)

March 3rd, 2007


I just want to reiterate how pissed off i am and how much gateway needs to get bombed. Ok. There.
Welp, my laptop is effed up again. Pretty sure its the a/c adapter again. Wont turn on, everythings plugged in right. GOSH, I SO FRIGGEN LOVE GATEWAY AND THEIR PIECE OF SHIT LAPTOPS! I MEAN REALLIE, I REALLIE LOVE HOW IVE HAD IT FOR LIKE A YEAR AND IVE TAKEN IT INTO BE REPAIRED ABOUT 7 TIMES NOW. THE BARCODE FROM LAST TIME'S VISIT IS STILL ON MY COMPUTER, FROM 1/12/07. I hate gateway. Im going to bomb them. I think i should get a free computer by now. This just confirms it: Life sucks.
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